Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The month of calorie tracking/money saving

Hello to all out there in blogland. I have been a little busy with the music side of my life lately and now that things have settled down, I felt it was about time I wrote another blog entry. It'll have to be a quick one because it's 2am, give or take a few minutes, and I should be getting to sleep.

My news is that after the choir concert on 20th July, I had one of the many light bulb moments in my life. I had SUCH a good time that day and it was an exhilarating thing to be a part of. But it was also mind-bogglingly exhausting and I'd be lying to myself if I didn't admit the reason why. Yes, it would be exhausting anyway because of the nature of what it was, but give a 46-year-old body an extra however many kilos to lug around all day as well as doing all the other stuff and it's no small wonder why it barely scrapes through the day. So it inspired me in a good way - to once again work on what the blog title says, building a better version of me.

I seem to do OK with pretty short-term goals in blocks of four weeks, so that's going to be my measuring stick. Each block of four weeks I'm going to have a particular project or projects in mind and for the whole of the time, my goal is to do as much of that activity as I can and all my projects will be related to health/self-esteem/general life improvement.

The goals for the first block of weeks are the dreaded calorie counting (ugh!) and generally reducing the amount of extra food I buy i.e. do a shop and use what I've bought and that's it, thereby helping me save more money for a holiday and other expenses. So far, thanks to a fantastic little application on my phone called My Fitness Pal, the calorie counting is proving easy peasy! I really grew to hate doing it in the bad old days of Calorie King, having to log onto a desktop computer and go through all that rigmarole. Now, due to the wonders of smartphones, it's SO easy. And I don't even care about getting things exactly right. It's more just to keep myself honest and feed my body better as part of self-nurturing. I've got a very doable calorie amount to work with at the moment (one of the extremely few upsides to being this size, I suppose) and I'm not having problems sticking to it. And it's not a surprise that because the food side of things is going well, the money side is going pretty well too. That is so not a coincidence. The trouble is, I really get into major denial about that fact but it doesn't make it any less true.

As for what I'll do next month, I don't know. I may go for another month of the same or I might do something different But there will be a project!

Till next time, hasta la vista, baby!

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