Wednesday, October 3, 2012


For a change, a post that isn't necessarily to do with weight stuff (although, inevitably, somewhere in the background it is relevant).

I've been having some fun tonight because I've only recently come across some old pics I hadn't seen in yonks. These represent a time in my life when I was actually having a really fun time. I still had not met T. I was single and fancy free, doing a bit of dating and lots of music and theatre and I just loved it all, ham that I am. When I look back at pics like this now, I wonder what happened to this version of me.

I think she is still in there somewhere, but what became of her I cannot say. In fact, looking at the photos has caused very mixed feelings. They make me smile, but at the same time they remind me poignantly of better times and being happier with my life and where it was going. I know we all get older and things change, but surely there must be a way to reconcile that version of me with who I am now. I think the person I am now needs to have more fun. In fact, I think the person I am now has pretty much forgotten how to do it and needs some practice.

I've read where people do an exercise where they write a letter of advise to their 20-year-old selves, their 30-year-old selves, etc. But I think the me in the past needs to advise me now to learn how to loosen up again, to learn how to just do silly things for the hell of it or she's going to end up a grumpy old fart, if she's not there already!

So, here's to having fun and more silliness and less seriousness. I may, in fact, be typing this post with a party hat on. ;) Bye for now!

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